Halogen and conventional ovens function in more or less the same way. So, if you’ve just bought a halogen oven, you’ll be pleased to know that there isn’t a need to re-learn new recipes, cooking techniques, or modes of operation all over again. Thanks to the similarity in functionality between both kitchen appliances, when you own a halogen oven, it’s possible to prepare food in the exact same way as you would with a conventional oven.

That being said, there are still a couple of things you can do to enhance the usage of a halogen oven. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of this appliance while enhancing its durability.

Invest In Kitchen Tongs

A halogen oven comes with a deep dish and so you may find it difficult to remove food without getting yourself burnt. However, this is solved easily through the use of kitchen tongs. I highly recommended that you purchase a pair of tongs (if you don’t already own one) along with your new halogen oven.

Always Use a Tray

Halogen ovens are so popular because they give cooking enthusiasts the ability to make healthy grill or roast meat. These ovens allow juices and fat to drain away, and in the process, you’ll get to enjoy the same great taste of oven-grilled and roasted meat without the unhealthy fat that such dishes bring.

The only downside is that these fats and juices collect at the base of the halogen oven, making it difficult to clean the oven. And when these oily fats are left to accumulate in the oven over an extended period of time, the functionality of your halogen oven will decrease.

In order to avoid this problem, you should always use a baking tray or a layer of tin foil when preparing fatty or juicy foods. The tray or foil will catch the fat/juices as your food cooks, and this allows you to continue enjoying the fat-draining benefit of your oven for a long time to come without exposing your appliance to unnecessary damage.

Clean the Lid after Every Use

The lid of a halogen oven plays a crucial role in determining the efficiency of the device. This is because the lid houses the halogen bulbs, which are responsible for producing the heat used by the oven to cook food. Therefore, it’s vital that you keep your oven’s lid in tip-top condition.

One great way to do this is to develop the habit of wiping the lid with a wet cloth after each use. This helps to get rid of any grease that’s stuck on the lid after cooking. Ultimately, keeping any kitchen appliance in spick and span conditions will allow them to continue functioning optimally and not wear out after only a few months.

Use an Extender Ring

Although not always provided, the extender ring of a halogen oven is must-have accessory for all serious cooks. This ring enhances the holding capacity of your oven, giving you the ability to cook plenty of food in one go. An extender ring also protects the halogen bulb from food splatters. So, if your oven lacks one, buy an extender ring and use it every time you cook.

In addition to following the manufacturer’s instructions of you halogen oven, make sure to put the above tips into practice. By doing so, you’ll be able to improve the functionality of your oven while prolonging its lifespan.